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Our physical therapist specializes in disorders that affect the vestibular system.  He provides services to treat vertigo/dizziness, as well as more traditional physical therapy.

Vestibular Rehabiliation

You are not alone if you suffer from dizziness, vertigo, or imbalance. Millions of people, around the globe, experience these symptoms over the course of their lives. In most people, the source of the problem is not serious, but living with these symptoms can threaten a person’s safety and function. An individual, because of the unpredictability of their symptoms, may have to stop driving to protect themselves and others. A person may go out of the house less frequently because of unsteadiness or the visual disturbances associated with dizziness and vertigo. Walking and flexibility of leg, trunk, and neck muscles may gradually become limited as the person moves about slowly to avoid provoking symptoms. This is because people that are dizzy tend to avoid all activities that may trigger dizziness.

One of the most common source of dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance is a problem with the vestibular system located in the inner ear and in the brain. Complications with the vestibular system are typically caused by infection, head or inner ear trauma, and the aging process. The inner ear portion of the vestibular system has the important job of sending the brain information about the direction and speed of head movement. The brain uses this information to help the body maintain balance and preserve clear vision during head movement. Damage to any part of the vestibular system can result in less reliable information being available for the brain to use for equilibrium.

The good news is that a very effective, safe, and natural treatment is available to resolve dizziness, vertigo, and imbalance associated with the vestibular system. You no longer need to “learn to live with it” or face the unpleasant prospect of taking medication for an extended length of time. Vestibular rehabilitation is a treatment provided by a specially trained health care provider, which in some cases, can alleviate a certain type of vertigo during the first treatment session. If dizziness and imbalance are the primary symptoms, exercises are given to help the brain adapt to the inaccurate message coming from the damaged vestibular system. The goal of these exercised is to recover balance, restore clear vision, and eliminate dizziness. If balance cannot be fully reacquired, compensation strategies are taught along with exercise.

A physical therapist specially trained in Vestibular Rehabilitation is on staff with Straka & McQuone, Inc. Steve Kolenda, MPT has been providing Vestibular Rehabilitation since 1998 and has been a Physical Therapist since 1993.  A Patient will typically be schedule for the initial evaluation within one or two working days from the initial contact and, if an emergency, will be seen the same day. Patients are referred to Steve from various physician specialties including Otolaryngology, Neurology, Cardiology, Primary Care, and Dentistry. Patients can also schedule with one of our Ear, Nose, and Throat specialists to evaluate, diagnose, and treat the source of your symptoms. Vestibular Rehabilitation is covered by health insurance as physical therapy treatment and we accept most types of health insurance for payment.